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Music Director for Shows and Services

Paul Hoyle is an experienced arranger for Rhythm Section, Classical Strings, Brass and Choirs. He has conducted live shows and recording sessions, performing as Piano/Conductor for many artists.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, he is also a Studio Vocalist, bringing this training to the stage and helping artists with their vocal performance.

Paul Conducting a String Quartet at the Recording Studio.

Brass Section-Studio.JPG
Paul Hoyle -No Words-Ac Pno pic 1.jpg
Paul Ac pno- Close up1.jpg
Reh Show leop-Xtrs-Pabl_ 4 Str.jpg

Paul as Pianist/ accompanist for Vocalist Jessica Bass

Paul as Pianist/ Music Director for Forbidden Saints

Paul conducting an Original Mambo arranged for Jeff Grainger

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